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Collaboration Services 3.9.1 - User Guide

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Resolving synchronization conflicts

What can cause synchronization conflicts?

A conflict occurs when two or more objects from different forests have the same email address. Most conflicts are due to manually-created contacts pointing to users in other forests.

While creating a stub object in the target forest, Collaboration Services populates the proxyAddresses attribute and the mail attribute of the stub with the appropriate attribute values of the corresponding source object. However, if existing contacts or other objects already have their properties populated with the same values, a valid stub object cannot be created.

Therefore, before creating a stub, Collaboration Services checks whether any of the proxy addresses or mail attributes of the existing forest objects are already populated with the same values as the attribute planned for a stub object. If a conflict is detected, Collaboration Services cannot create a stub object until the conflict is resolved.

How can conflicts be resolved?

There are several different ways to resolve a conflict, object deletion, object matching, and pre-matching.

Forest administrators can configure Collaboration Services to handle conflicts using the following options: deletion, matching, and pre-matching. For that, the automation rules should be configured, and then the synchronization service will attempt to automatically resolve every conflict it encounters according to these rules.

Automatic conflict resolution

Open the Collaboration Services Properties dialog box, select Synchronization | Automation, and then select the conflict resolution method you need.
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