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Collaboration Services 3.9.1 - User Guide

Getting started with Collaboration Services Organizing objects for synchronization Resolving synchronization conflicts Managing the synchronization process Transport management Fine-tuning and maintenance Backup, restore, and troubleshooting


The Send page allows you to specify settings for sending messages to other synchronization partners. After a data packet to be sent is generated and compressed, the service performs the following procedure:

Collaboration Services guarantees data delivery by checking the delivery status of every message and re-sending any message for which delivery is not confirmed.


The Receive page allows you to specify the settings for receiving incoming messages.


Message exchange between synchronization partners can be scheduled in order to decrease the load on the Exchange servers during production hours.

Select the Use SMTP transport scheduling check box and select the time intervals when the service is allowed to send and receive messages containing synchronization data.

Limiting traffic rates

The Quotas page allows you to control the incoming and outgoing traffic while messages are being exchanged between forests.

Figure 11. Quota options
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