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Collaboration Services 3.9.1 - User Guide

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The administrator of each forest can select the objects and attributes to publish to other synchronization partners. The objects to be synchronized are grouped into collections—sets of objects and their attributes. Administrators can either define the objects to be synchronized on a per-container (organizational unit) basis, or explicitly add groups, users, and contacts to collections. This information then becomes available to other forests. Administrators of synchronization partners can see new collections of objects and can choose whether to subscribe to them.

Publication settings can vary for different collections of objects. For example, you might choose to publish the mobile phone numbers of administrators so they can be contacted in case of emergency, while keeping the mobile phone numbers of other users (such as top executives) unlisted outside the organization. Predefined "Minimum" and "All" sets of attributes to be published are provided, and administrators can create their own predefined sets (presets).

Creating a collection for publication

Collaboration Services offers numerous methods for organizing objects into collections. For example, you can do any combination of the following:

Publish collection wizard

The Publish Collection Wizard helps you create a new collection of objects and publish it. As soon as a collection is published, the administrators of other branch forests (who have appropriate permissions) can subscribe to the collection.

Right-click the Publication node in the management tree and select Publish Collection.

Step 1: Specify collection name, description, and synchronization type

In the first step of the wizard:

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