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Collaboration Services 3.9.1 - User Guide

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Resource usage

To ensure safe service functionality, Collaboration Services always monitors the usage of system memory and disk space. Using the Resource Usage page of Collaboration Services properties, you can adjust the related settings according to your needs.

Memory usage

This page allows you to specify whether the service memory usage should be limited on the Collaboration Services server. This helps you protect the system resources from being overloaded. Use the Available memory slider to adjust the maximum amount of system memory that can be used by Collaboration Services.

Decreasing the memory usage limit worsens the service performance, so this is not recommended unless other software is running on the same computer with Collaboration Services.

Disk usage

This page allows you to specify the service behavior if the computer the service is installed on runs out of free disk space.

Figure 13. Disk usage options

Resource usage statistics report

To view statistics information on resource usage, select the Resource Usage node in the management tree. The following information is displayed in the statistics pane of the Collaboration Services web interface:

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