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Collaboration Services 3.9.1 - User Guide

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Unsubscribing from a collection

Select the Collection node in the management tree and select Unsubscribe.
In the management console, right-click Collaboration Services and select Properties.
Select the Synchronization | Active Directory | General page.

Removing a collection

When a collection is removed by publisher, the following is performed:

Viewing collection settings andsynchronization statistics

The collection settings and synchronization statistics are displayed in the right pane when you select a collection in the management tree. To see the overall statistics for all collections currently published or subscribed to by your forest, select the Publication or Subscription nodes.

The report shows, in particular:

Advance security of stub objectscreated by the collection

By default, Collaboration Services creates stub objects with the Password Not Required (PASSWD_NOTREQD) option enabled. This may violate your organization’s security policy and may cause audit software to report a password issue. To resolve this, you will need to update the attribute. In addition, the password should be set to a random value so that the stubs cannot be used to exploit the environment through unauthorized access.

In Collaboration Services, you can use a registry key to clear the PASSWD_NOTREQD option and set a random password for each stub object as it is created. If the stub already exists, it will clear the option and set the password on the next republish of the collection.

– OR – 

The StubAccountPassword should comply with the password complexity policy. Collaboration Services will add a random string and digits to it and generate a password. For example, Z1f9j7Yab$!.

As a best practice, the password template:


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