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Collaboration Services 3.9.1 - User Guide

Getting started with Collaboration Services Organizing objects for synchronization Resolving synchronization conflicts Managing the synchronization process Transport management Fine-tuning and maintenance Backup, restore, and troubleshooting

Set up debug logging

Collaboration Services service has debug logging when additional information is needed or when a support call is placed. Once turned on, a large number of files are generated which contain data from all areas within Collaboration Services. The logs are located in the follwoing folder: \Quest Software\Collaboration Services\ACSLOGS\Debug.

The debug log setting will consume a lot of disk space. The logs are archived in the Archive folder found in the folder for the logs mentioned above. The logging will have an impact on the speed Collaboration Services processes both incoming and outgoing data.

In the management console, right-click Collaboration Services and select Properties.
Click Logging | General, and select the Enable debug log check box.

Configure alerting

To receive notifications about service activities, configure the required notification method on the Logging | Email tab, the Logging | Net send tab, or both. For example, you can configure email notifications to be sent when a specified percentage of free disk space is exceeded.

Table 1. Alerting

Configure synchronization partners

Using the Synchronization partners node of the management tree, you can:

Configuring branch forests

The HQ forest administrator can manage the current collaboration structure in the following ways:

Select the Synchronization Partners node in the management tree.
To add a partner, click Add and browse for the key file (.AKF) of the branch you need. Supply the authentication password and click OK.
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