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On Demand Migration Current - User Guide

About On Demand Migration Before You Start Working with On Demand Migration Account Migration Mailbox Migration OneDrive Migration Microsoft Teams Migration Microsoft 365 Groups Migration SharePoint Migration Public Folders Migration Troubleshooting Finalizing the Migration Appendix A: Working with PowerShell

About On Demand Migration

Quest® On Demand Migration cloud application lets you create migration projects to perform the following:

Accounts and User Data Migration>

  • Analyze the structure of your Microsoft Azure Active Directory and get reports on the problems that might adversely affect the migration.
  • Migrate users, groups, and the related information between tenants.
  • Migrate hybrid accounts synchronized with on-premises AD
  • Map the existing accounts in the source and target tenants for further resource processing.
  • Grant migrated accounts access to source tenant’s resources and applications.
  • Provide robust project management interface and in-depth progress reporting.
  • Provide coexistence services for transition period before migration process will be completed:
    • Address Rewrite Service to change the message header as if the target mailbox is already used by sender.

Mail migration

  • Migrate Microsoft 365 mailboxes and share free/busy information between tenants.

Content Migration

OneDrive for Business

  • Analyze OneDrive for Business on your source tenant
  • Transfer OneDrive for Business data and settings.

Public Folders

  • Analyze Public Folders on your source tenant and get hierarchy information, content information and email addresses for mail-enabled public folders
  • Migrate Public Folders and the related information between tenants
  • Provide robust Public Folders migration management interface and in-depth progress reporting.

Microsoft SharePoint

  • Analyze SharePoint on your source tenant
  • Map existing SharePoint sites (previously site collections) in the source and target tenants for further processing
  • Migrate SharePoint sites (previously site collections) to the target tenant
  • Provide robust SharePoint migration management interface and in-depth progress reporting.

Microsoft Teams

  • Analyze Microsoft Teams on your source tenant
  • Create Microsoft 365 Groups with Teams functionality on the target tenant
  • Provision Microsoft Teams on the target tenant
  • Migrate Microsoft teams including content to the target tenant
  • Provide robust Microsoft Teams migration management interface and in-depth progress reporting.

On Demand Migration is a part of Quest On Demand – a single SaaS console for managing your cloud environment in Microsoft Azure. For more information, see Quest On Demand documentation.

Signing up for Quest On Demand

To get access to On Demand Migration, you need to sign up for the Quest On Demand service. Go to Quest On Demand and use one of the following options:

You must accept the Software Transaction Agreement before using this product.

Product Licensing

Use of this software is governed by the Software Transaction Agreement found at and the SaaS Addendum at This software does not require an activation or license key to operate.

You can sign in to On Demand as a Guest user and review the solutions that the product offers. As a Guest user, you can add your Azure AD tenant and look for problems that can be solved by On Demand. To sign in as a Guest user, go to and click Continue as Guest.

Trial subscriptions are available. Visit Quest® On Demand Migration page for more information and pricing:

To start a trial subscription

NOTE: You can use the product free during a 30-day trial period for a limited number of users allowed to be migrated

  1. Open
  2. Scroll down to the module you want to try and click Try Online.
  3. To proceed you should read and accept license agreement.
  4. Select Sign In for your Free Trial option to use your existing Quest account, or Create a Trial account option to create a new account.
  5. You will receive an email containing step by step instructions on starting your trial period for the product.

The following table shows the trail license limits:





5 Accounts



5 Mailboxes

5 GB content per mailbox


5 Accounts

256 files or 256 MB per OneDrive account


5 SP sites

5 GB content per SharePoint site. ODMSP will not discover sites with more than 5 GB.

Teams / M365 Groups

5 Teams or Groups

5 GB content per Teams or M365 Groups

1x1 Chats

5 Accounts

The most recent 2 conversations and max 20 messages per conversation.

To purchase a commercial subscription

  1. Open
  2. Click Request Pricing and fill in the necessary details.
  3. Click Contact Sales to request pricing and get help with your business needs.

The product licensing is based on the number of unique source accounts processed by the migration tasks. The licenses are only consumed once the migration task is started.

The following object types do not consume any license,

  • Group mailboxes
  • AD Groups
  • Contacts
  • Exchange resource mailboxes
  • public folder mailboxes
  • room mailboxes or equipment mailboxes
  • shared mailboxes
  • Guest accounts
  • Computer accounts

NOTE: The license is permanently assigned to the source account may only be used for one migration project, and you can use this account in any number of tasks (migration, re-matching, etc.) from one environment to another environment.

The matching task will result in the error message shown in the image below, in case the number of users in the task exceeds the number of available licenses.

For commercial licenses, there are no content migration data limits for OneDrive, SharePoint, mailbox and public folders.

Before You Start

To access your Azure Active Directory or Microsoft 365 tenant via On Demand Migration, the migrator account needs to have the following:

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