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On Demand Global Settings Current - User Guide

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Stop using a subscription

You can stop subscription sharing by removing the subscription owner's email address from the Subscription Owners list.

On the Settings page, click Subscriptions in the top menu.
At the top left, click Shared Subscriptions.
In the Subscription Owners list, locate the email address of the subscription owner that will no longer share subscriptions with the organization.
In the Action column for the subscription, select Stop Using Subscription.
The confirmation window lists the subscriptions that will be removed from the organization. Click Stop Using Subscription.The subscription owner receives an email informing them that the subscription is no longer assigned to the organization. All subscriptions associated with the email address are removed from the Subscriptions page.

Subscription Owner when Moving from a Trial to a Paid subscription

The user that signed up for a trial subscription is automatically an administrator for the organization. If a different user email address is used for purchasing a paid subscription, this user address must be added to the Subscription Owners list before the subscription status displays as Paid.

If you need assistance determining the email address used to purchase the subscription or, if you want to change the address associated with the subscription, contact Technical Support.

Subscription expiry

To prevent loss of data, subscription expiry takes place in stages.

Stage 1: Your subscription expires in X days

Thirty days prior to expiry, the On Demand organization administrator receives an email notification. From this time on, the module tile on the On Demand home page displays the number of days before the subscription expires.

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