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On Demand Global Settings Current - User Guide

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Downloading activity trail logs

Click Download.
A zip file containing a comma separated values (.csv) file is downloaded.


A local agent is required to query and perform management actions on on-premise Active Directory objects. Agents run as a service on a machine in the local network. The machine must have sufficient privileges to perform the actions required. You must install the agent on the local machine.

Currently, agents are installed and configured for the Group Management module. For information on using agents, see the On Demand Group Management User Guide.


An On Demand notification is an email sent to one or more recipients following an event. For example, after a backup failure event, specified recipients receive a notification email.

Configuring notification recipients

Under Modules, select a module type and then, an event type.
In the Set the recipients text box, enter the email address for a recipient and click Add.
The recipient is listed below the text box.
Click Save.
The next time the event occurs, all the listed recipients receive a notification email.
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