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On Demand Global Settings Current - User Guide

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Granting consent

For the following scenarios, click Grant Consent in the Actions column.

The admin consent token for the module has expired, resulting is a status of Token Expired. This can occur if the Azure Global Administrator account used to grant consent has changed (deleted, role change, password change). Note that a Token Expired status is not serious and has a limited impact on On Demand operation.

Revoking admin consent

Completely revoking admin consent removes all permissions granted for the On Demand application. This action is usually performed as part of the process of removing a tenant. Revoking admin consent is a manual process that must be performed in the Azure portal.

Revoking admin consent in the Azure Portal

Revoking admin consent removes all permissions granted for the On Demand application.

Click on the Azure Active Directory icon in the left menu.

Removing a tenant

You can remove a tenant from On Demand. Removing a tenant disables all module functions related to the tenant. Active backups and provisioning actions are canceled.

Tenant restore is possible for up to 30 days after it has been removed. You must provide the tenant name and your organization ID. See Displaying the organization ID.

Click Tenants in the navigation panel on the left.
Click Remove.

Once you add a tenant to On Demand, an application record is created in your tenant indicating that you have agreed to admin consent. When you remove a tenant from On Demand, this record is not removed and admin consent access remains. You must log in to Azure and manage access to the application.


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