This glossary provides definitions of many of the terms commonly used in On Demand Migration for Email.

Admin Credentials

The login information (username/password) of an account that has the required rights to access all mailbox data. The rights assigned to this account will vary based on the Source Email Service or Target Email Service configured for the migration.

Email Service

Collection of settings that define a mailbox store. This may include host name, port and protocol information, but in some cases it is only necessary to define the type of service (i.e. G Suite).

Alternatives: Environment, Connection, Service, Migration Path


An object within a mailbox that may be migrated. This is typically one of an Email, Contact, Appointment, Distribution List.


A single pass through a Source Mailbox moving all the Items selected to migrate to the Target Mailbox.

Migration Job

Mapping between a Source Mailbox and a Target Mailbox.

Migration Options

Collection of settings that define the data to be migrated. This includes item type (Email, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks), filters (migrate items received before or after specified date, exclude folders, etc.), and may be extended to cover additional settings like custom properties on mail items.

Alternatives: Migration Items, Filters

Migration Plan

A configuration, and collection of users, defining a migration.

Source Email Service

The email service platform from which mailbox items are migrated.

Source Mailbox

Mailbox that has been selected to migrate to the Target Email Service.

Successful Migration

Any Migration where 90% or more of the items are migrated successfully.

Target Email Service

The future location for mailboxes after they are migrated, either Microsoft 365 or Exchange 2010.

Target Mailbox

Mailbox that exists on the Target Email Service and will hold all of the data from the Source Mailbox after the migration is complete.