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On Demand Migration for Email Current - User Guide

Introduction Preparing Migrations Test and Pilot Migrations Configuring and Running Migrations Post Migration Third Party Assessments and Certifications Glossary

Viewing Migration Reports

On Demand Migration for Email provides the following reports:

  • An Executive Summary report which shows migration statistics both at the organization level and mailbox level.
  • A general Migration Summary report
  • A Billing Summary report which shows the number of billable mailbox migrations in a particular date range
  • A Migration Details report which includes the event log for each migration
  • A Per Mailbox Statistics report which shows a list of executed migration plans and their statuses

These reports are accessed by clicking Reports in the lower right corner of the Dashboard.

NOTE: For all types of reports, the value of 'Tasks/Notes" shows the sum of migrated Task and Note items.

You can download the following migration reports in the CSV format directly from the Dashboard:

  • A Per Plan Migration report which shows the same data as the Migrate tab. To generate this report, click Get Report next to the plan on the Dashboard.
  • A Per Company Migration report aggregates the information from all the plans for the current company. To generate this report, click the All Plans Report button in the lower-right corner of the Dashboard.

Executive Summary Report

The Executive Summary report shows migration statistics both at the migration plan level and the mailbox level. You can generate the report for individual migration plans or for all migration plans at once.

The Overview tab shows a pie chart representing the migration status percentages for all the mailboxes in the selected plan or plans. The total number of mailboxes in each status is displayed beneath the chart.

The Mailbox Details tab shows bar graphs representing the migration status of individual mailboxes. For each mailbox, the total number of successfully migrated items is coded green, while the total number of items that failed to migrate is coded red. By default, the Mailbox Details tab shows all the mailboxes in the selected plan or plans. To filter the results, select only the migration status options you want and click Filter.

Migration statuses include:

  • Migrated
  • Migrated with Errors
  • Pending
  • In Process

Migration Summary Report

The Migration Summary report displays the following information:

  • The date of the first successful migration
  • The total number of successfully migrated mailboxes
  • The total amount of migrated data in MB
  • The total number of migrated mailbox items (messages, contacts, distribution lists, appointments, and tasks/notes)

Billing Summary Report

The Billing Summary report shows information regarding all the billable mailbox migrations in a particular date range (the last 30 days shown by default). Use the calendar controls to change the date range.

The Billing Summary report includes the total number of billable migrations, and of these, the number billed to a “pay-as-you-go” plan (deprecated) and the number billed using pre-paid licenses (if any).


Note: If you purchased any pre-paid licenses, the total number of pre-paid licenses in use is shown in the top right corner of the report window, as well as the number of licenses remaining. If you have zero licenses remaining, click the Buy More link to purchase additional licenses.

For each billable migration, the Billing Summary shows:

  • The migration plan
  • The source mailbox
  • The migration status
  • Payment type: Pay-As-You-Go (deprecated) or Pre-Paid
  • Completion time

Note: The payment type “Unknown” is shown for migrations that were completed prior to ODME 1.6.2.

To download the report to a CSV file that can be opened in Excel, click Download CSV File in the bottom right corner.

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