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On Demand Migration for Email Current - User Guide

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Setting User Notifications

You can configure email notification settings to send notifications after the migration session is completed successfully to source or target user, or both. These settings are disabled by default.

To configure email notification settings:

  1. Click the Options tab.
  2. Click the Notification tab.
  3. You can configure email notifications for source and target users separately. Select the Send notification to source mailbox option and /or Send notification to target mailbox option.
    The following fields can be configured:
    • From display name
    • From e-mail address
    • Subject
    • Message body

Known Issues and Limitations

On Demand Migration for Email is designed to provide a robust migration experience for a variety of source and target platforms. However, certain issues and limitations have been identified. Issues are items which are slated to be resolved in future releases of ODME. Limitations, on the other hand, are the result of inherent discrepancies between email service platforms and cannot be fixed.

Known Limitations


  • Recurring meetings within non-Exchange source platforms are typically generated and stored using very different methodologies than the recurrence rules leveraged by Microsoft platforms. On Demand Migration for Email uses advanced technology in attempt to map recurring meetings to equivalent recurrence rules in Exchange. However, depending on the source environment and specific data, some dates of meeting invitations may be incorrectly represented in Outlook after migration
  • Each mailbox in a source email service can be migrated successfully a total of 10 times and each migration cannot exceed 500 GB. These limits are in place to control the costs of migration. If an exception is required to facilitate your migration plan, please contact the Support Portal at
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