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On Demand Global Settings Current - User Guide

Working with On Demand Overview of On Demand Signing up for On Demand Managing organizations and regions Adding users to an organization Managing your Azure tenants and on-premises domains On Demand Home page Configuring settings Documentation roadmap Technical Support

Signing in to On Demand with your existing Quest account

You may already have a Quest account if you currently use other Quest products. Use this procedure to sign in with your Quest account and create a new On Demand organization.

Click Create New Organization.
Click Create New Organization.

Signing up for a new Quest account and signing in to On Demand

To perform this procedure, you must have a valid email account where you can receive a verification email from

Click Sign up for a new account.
Click Sign Up. The We’ve sent you an email page opens.
Click on the Verify email address link.
Click Create New Organization.
Click Create New Organization.

On Demand subscriptions

Once you have signed in to and created an organization, you have the option to begin a trial or purchase a subscription for modules. In the side navigation panel, click Services to open a page with module information and Learn More links that take you to the appropriate Quest web sites.

Managing organizations and regions

On Demand management is based on the concept of organizations. An organization can subscribe to modules. Organization administrators can use the tools provided by the modules to perform administrative actions on Azure AD tenants.

When a user signs up for On Demand, an organization is created and the user and becomes an administrator for the organization. For most On Demand use cases, a customer creates a single organization. Multiple administrators and multiple tenants can be added to the organization. See Signing up for On Demand.

Use the links below for more information on managing organizations and regions.

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