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Migrator for Notes to Exchange 4.16.1 - Administration Guide

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Groups Provisioning Wizard


The Groups Provisioning Wizard:

Each run of the wizard is applied to a particular group collection that is designated by the Select collection to provision drop-down list in the Provision Groups screen of Notes Migration Manager. Field definitions and application notes for the wizard screens are described in the sections that follow.

Notes groups are typically provisioned all at once after all users have been migrated in the per-batch migration process (see the Migrator for Notes to Exchange Scenarios Guide). Since the only data associated with a group is its member list, the migration of a group consists only of it being provisioned into the target environment.

TIP: Group Membership Updating Privilege: The Groups Provisioning Wizard can provision groups so that group managers who are not in Domain Admins can still update group membership. This privilege corresponds to a check box in Active Directory, the Manager can update membership list check box in the Managed By tab of AD Group Properties.

The feature is enabled/disabled in Migrator for Notes to Exchange through a boolean parameter in the [ActiveDirectory] section of MNE Global Defaults or Task Parameters. The parameter is enabled by default:

However, you can set GroupManagerCanUpdateMembershipList=0 to tell MNE not to extend the updating privilege to group managers who are not Domain Admins.

Screen-by-screen field notes and application notes for the Wizard process screens are described in the following sections.

Wizard process screens

The Groups Provisioning Wizard is configured in these screens:

Select Group Collection

This screen appears only if you have started this wizard from outside of the Migration Manager. The screen asks you to specify the user collection to which you want to apply the wizard’s functions. (If you launch this screen from the Groups Provisioning Wizard, you must select a collection in the table before you can click the button to start the wizard.)

This screen contains only one field:

Select the Group Collection you want to work with: In the drop-down list, specify the collection you want.

Click Next.

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