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Migrator for Notes to Exchange 4.16.1 - Administration Guide

About the Migrator for Notes to Exchange documentation Notes Migration Manager NABS Discovery Wizard Internet Domains Discovery Wizard Directory Export Wizard Collection Wizard Groups Provisioning Wizard Notes Data Locator Wizard Provisioning Wizard Send PAB Replicator Wizard Data Migration Wizard SSDM Statistics Collection Wizard The Log Viewer Using the Qsched.exe task-scheduling utility SSDM Scheduling Administration utility Office 365 Admin Account Pool utility PowerShell cmdlets for Migrator for Notes to Exchange Appendix A: How do I ...?
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Notes Migration Manager

Basic operating principles

Notes Migration Manager is the central console or “hub” program of Migrator for Notes to Exchange (MNE). Most of the other program features are configured, scheduled, and run from the Notes Migration Manager console. The primary features—directory data export, Notes data discovery, and locating, object provisioning in AD, data migration, and so on—are performed by separate wizard applications that are launched from screens in the Notes Migration Manager. Notes Migration Manager also provides features to help in the planning, monitoring, and administration of a migration project.

Navigation in Notes Migration Manager

A sidebar on the left side of the Notes Migration Manager window contains a list of the screens in the application. Each name in the list is a link that you click to display the associated screen. The screens are listed in the order in which they are typically used but can be viewed and used independently.

Some screen links appear grayed-out (unavailable) if the features require information that is not yet entered (in other screens).

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