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Migrator for Notes to Exchange 4.16.1 - Administration Guide

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Task Progress

The screen reports the program's progress as it performs the defined task.

You can click Cancel to cancel the task before it completes.

When the process is complete, the program displays its Task Completed screen to report the results.

Task Completed

The screen reports the results of the task run.

This screen can also display an Error Log Report button if the program encountered errors during its run. If the Error Log Report button appears, click the button to view the program log and assess the severity of the errors. The Error Log Report button launches the MNE Log Viewer utility (see The Log Viewer chapter) to help you interpret and resolve the errors.

When you are finished using the Error Log Report feature (or if the Error Log Report button does not appear), click Exit to exit the wizard.

Data Migration Wizard


The Data Migration Wizard is a multi-function application that lets you perform various functions in various combinations in a single program run. The first screens in each program run ask what you want to accomplish. The program proceeds through a sequence of screens, skipping screens that do not pertain to the functions you selected.

The wizard features can be grouped into these categories

mailbox creation (mailbox-enabling) in the target environment
setting and removing mail routing rules in source and target
administrative functions such as disabling Notes synchronization with the foreign directory, setting user visibility in Domino, and so forth.
In the Migrate User Data screen of Notes Migration Manager, select a user collection and click Migrate.

Field definitions and application notes for the wizard screens appear in separate sections that follow, grouped by screen.

Smart resource reservation detection: The Data Migration Wizard detects an attempt to migrate calendar data for a collection in which some objects are not classified as resources in the MNE database when [Notes] MigrateReservationsAlways is enabled (set to 1).

In that case, the wizard presents a popup warning that explains that calendars of a non-resource object may not migrate correctly, and suggests that the MigrateReservationsAlways parameter be disabled (set to 0) unless the administrator is certain all objects in the collection are resources. This feature offers the option of ignoring a MigrateReservationsAlways=1 setting.

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