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Migrator for Notes to Exchange 4.16.1 - Administration Guide

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Configuration Summary

This screen shows a summary of the task configuration you have specified, as defined by the Notes server information and access credentials entered in previous screens.

Review this information to confirm that it describes the task you want to create. If you want to change anything, click Back to return to earlier screens in this Wizard, to change values as necessary, or click Cancel to cancel the wizard and return to the Find NABs screen in Notes Migration Manager. From earlier screens within this wizard, you can click Next to return to this Configuration Summary screen.

Save As: Lets you save this summary information to a text file. Follow the prompts to specify a path and filename for the text file.

Print: Lets you print a paper copy of this summary information. Follow the prompts to specify the destination printer.

Run: Creates the task as defined in the configuration summary, and immediately run the task. When you click Run, the wizard displays a screen that reports its progress as it creates the task and a screen that reports its progress as the task runs. When the task run is complete, the wizard displays a screen that reports the statistical results of the task.

Creating Task

This screen reports the wizard progress as it creates the task defined on the Configuration Summary screen.

When the task-creation process is complete, the wizard clears this screen and runs the newly created task.

Task Progress

The screen reports the program's progress as it performs the defined task.

You can click Cancel to cancel the task before it completes.

When the process is complete, the program displays its Task Completed screen to report the results.

Task Completed

No information is entered into this screen. The screen reports the results of the task run.

This screen may also display an Error Log Report option if the program encountered any errors during its run. If Error Log Report does appear, click it to view the program log and assess the severity of the errors. The Error Log Report option launches the MNE Log Viewer utility (see The Log Viewer chapter) to help you interpret and resolve the errors.

When you are finished using the Error Log Report feature (or if the Error Log Report button does not appear), click Exit to exit the wizard.

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