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Foglight 5.9.5 - Upgrade Guide

Understand product versions Best practices Upgrade the Foglight Management Server Upgrade the Foglight Agent Manager Upgrade the Application Monitoring cartridges Upgrade the Database cartridges Upgrade the End User Management cartridges Upgrading the Infrastructure Management cartridges Upgrade the Integration cartridges Upgrade the cartridges in a federated or High Availability (HA) environment Appendix: Deploying an agent package using the browser interface

Upgrade Foglight for Sybase

The latest version of Foglight for Sybase is However, due to architectural changes in the Foglight for Sybase, legacy cartridge versions cannot be upgraded to version You may install the new Sybase cartridge on the same FMS instance as the old cartridge. The new Sybase cartridge must use a different FglAM than the legacy cartridge. Both FglAMs may be installed on the same FMS.

Install version of the cartridge as you would install a new Foglight for Sybase. Do not delete the older version of the .car file. Install version over the older version. For cartridge installation instructions, see “Installing Foglight cartridges” in the Administration and Configuration Help.
If the Management Server has a questdb database, the appropriate new stored procedures are installed automatically by the agents during the activation process.

When upgrading from version 5.5.5 of the cartridge, the upgrade overrides the value of the common Performance Poll Cycle (seconds) property, and uses that value to set the collection rate for each table in the PerfMon_Dflt list. Versions of the cartridge prior to 5.5.8 included the common Sybase_MDA agent properties, Performance Collection True/False and Performance Poll Cycle (seconds), used to control the collection of performance data. This version of the cartridge includes performance monitoring properties that enable or disable the collection of performance data and the length of the polling interval on a per-table basis. The secondary agent properties in the PerfMon_Dflt list now include two new columns, Collect and Poll Cycle (sec), that control these values for each individual table.

NOTE: The file setup_mon_tables.sql contains all of the required parameters with sample values. The last four parameters were added in version 5.5.8.


Upgrade the End User Management cartridges

Follow the procedures in this section to upgrade an earlier version of an End User cartridge or component.

The latest versions of the end user management cartridges are:

Upgrade End User cartridges

The FxM 5.6.5 requires the latest version of the Agent Manager supported on your Management Server.

The and later versions of the End User Cartridges require Management Server version 5.5.8 or later.

Follow the procedure below to upgrade the End User cartridges.

Upgrade the End User cartridges

If you do not have a particular End User cartridge, ignore the step(s) for upgrading that cartridge.

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