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Toad for Oracle 17.0 - Getting Started Guide

Welcome to Toad Toad Resources Required Privileges Create and Manage Database Connections Editor Basics Schema Browser Basics Data Grid Basics Work with Data Work with Database Objects Work with Code
Write Statements and Scripts Work with the Query Builder Execute Statements and Scripts Save Statements (SQL Recall) Work with PL/SQL Objects Debug Analyze Code Optimize SQL
Customize your Toad Environment Use Other Quest Software Products with Toad

Format Code

  • Format Case Only,
  • Profile Code, or
  • Formatter Options (opens the Options window).

Highlight Statements

You can highlight bits of code so that an explain plan is run on only that code, or so that you can see what Toad is including as a part of the statement before you Execute it. Highlighting code uses the same logic as SHIFT+F9.

To highlight a SQL Snippet

Place your cursor in the code you want to highlight and then press CTRL+H.


Fold Code Segments

Code folding lets you collapse portions of your code so that you can see more of the code you need to see. Then you can expand it when you need to work with the folded code.

To enable code folding

From View | Toad Options | Editor | Behavior, select Enabled under Folding.

To fold and unfold code selection

The folding indicator is the icon in the code gutter that you click. By default, it is as follows:

To fold a segment, clickin the Editor gutter.

To unfold a segment, click in the Editor gutter.

To set the appearance of the fold indicator

To change the style of the fold indicator, go to View | Toad Options | Editor | Behavior, then select from the Style dropdown.

To change the colors of the fold indicator, go to View | Toad Options | Editor | Font and Styling, then select Fold Indicator (appearance when a code block is expanded or Fold Indicator, Active (appearance when a code block is folded).


Change Text to Upper or Lower Case

Capitalization Effects that you have set up in the Toad Options can override your Upper Case and Lower Case conversions.

To change the selection to Upper Case

Select Edit | Upper Case (CTRL+U).

To change the selection to Lower Case

Select Edit | Lower Case (CTRL+L).

To change the selection to Lower Case

Select Edit | Initial Caps (CTRL+L).

Note: The Editor provides one level of Undo for any action. Select Undo from the Edit menu, or use the CTRL+Z keystroke combination.


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