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Toad for Oracle 17.0 - Getting Started Guide

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About Data Grids

Identifying sensitive data using Sensitive Data Awareness

Toad can highlight columns used for sensitive data making them easily identifiable. See Sensitive Data Awareness for more information


Anchor Column in Data Grid

You can anchor a column on the left side of the data grid (also referred to as locking, fixing, or freezing the column). This can make it easier to track information you must scroll through a large amount of content.

Note: Row numbers automatically display as fixed columns. With the exception of row numbers, fixed columns remain editable.

To anchor a column

Right-click a column and select Fix Column.

To remove the column anchor

Drag the column to the right of the bold fixed column divider bar.


Hide Columns

You can hide columns from the data grid after running a query.

To select columns to display

  1. Click in the upper left corner of a data grid.
  2. Clear the checkbox by the column name.

    Tip: To sort the column list alphabetically, right-click the column list and select Sort Alphabetically.


Understand Time Values

When displaying times with dates, Toad suppresses the time values if they are 12:00:00 AM (midnight). The time portion of the date fraction is zero, so Toad adds no value to the display of the date.

Oracle stores dates as a big fraction number offset from January 1, 4712 B.C. It is then converted to a complete date and time.

Performing the query Select sysdate from dual will display the time, and similarly, queries of DATE datatype columns will display the time if it is not midnight.

The time drop-down in View | Toad Options | Data Grids does not affect this output of time.


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