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Toad for Oracle 17.0 - Getting Started Guide

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Sort and Group Data

If the query does not contain an ORDER BY command, you can sort the grid manually.

To sort by column

  1. Click a grid column header.
  2. Select the appropriate option, and click Apply.


Find in Grid

Use this dialog box to find data or columns in a grid. If the records are cached then the search is fast. If Toad has to query ahead in the recordset, then you have to wait for the additional rows to be fetched from the database.

You can use this method to find data in one column, or in many, or items that match two or more criteria.

To find data or columns

  1. Right-click the grid and select Find Data (CTRL+F).
  2. Select the column to search or find.

    • To find a column, select Find Column and click OK. The data grid advances to the first occurrence of the search criteria.
    • To find data, select Find Data and complete the search criteria. When you click OK, the data grid advances to the first occurrence of the search criteria.

      Note: To find the next occurrence of the search criteria, press F3.

    • To filter by data value, select Filter Data and then enter the search value. Note: Closing the dialog will undo the filter, but the grid will remain on whatever row you filtered to.
  3. Note: To find the next occurrence of the search criteria, press F3.

Incremental Searching

To find data incrementally

  1. Click in the column you want to search.
  2. Type the first few characters of the item you want to find.
  3. Press F3 to continue stepping through the grid.


Filter Data

Filters reduce the amount of data displayed and let you display only what you want to see. They work by modifying the query used to fetch the data. If you frequently search for the same criteria, you can save the filter for reuse.

To filter data

  1. Right-click the data grid and select Filter Data.

  2. To change the grouping clause, click AND to select a different option.
  3. Click press the button to add a new condition.

  4. To change the column, click the listed column and select a new one. The first column in the grid is selected by default.
  5. To change the condition, click equals and select the appropriate condition (LIKE, EQUAL TO, LESS THAN, and so on).
  6. Click <empty> and add your criteria.
  7. To add additional conditions or groupings, click Filter and then select Add Condition or Add Group.


Preview Selected Column

You can display or hide a full row below each data row that shows the value of the selected column.

To preview current column

Right-click the column in the Data grid and select Preview Column.


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