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Toad for Oracle 17.0 - Getting Started Guide

Welcome to Toad Toad Resources Required Privileges Create and Manage Database Connections Editor Basics Schema Browser Basics Data Grid Basics Work with Data Work with Database Objects Work with Code
Write Statements and Scripts Work with the Query Builder Execute Statements and Scripts Save Statements (SQL Recall) Work with PL/SQL Objects Debug Analyze Code Optimize SQL
Customize your Toad Environment Use Other Quest Software Products with Toad

Toad Advisor

Toad is self-diagnosing. If you are having difficulties with Toad that you cannot understand nor fix, the Toad Advisor may be able to help you. It offers warnings, alerts, and hints concerning the current state of your Toad installation. If you are in a managed environment, it specifies which features in Toad are managed, and to what extent.

To use Toad Advisor

  1. Select Help | Toad Advisor.
  2. Review the results, which are divided into the following categories:
    Category Description


    Describe things that should be fixed immediately


    Describe things that may have an impact upon Toad's functionality


    Provide information about your Toad installation that may affect how Toad works

    Performance suggestions

    Describe settings that could be changed to improve speed of performance

    Tip: Select a result for additional information in the bottom pane. You can double click the performance suggestions to navigate direction to the relevant Toad option.


Toad World

Toad World is a unique and valuable resource available to all Toad users. Toad World provides forums, blogs, videos, product information, Beta releases (when available), and Trial downloads for Toad products. Visit Toad World at:

Toad for Oracle Community

Learn more and connect with the community at the Toad for Oracle Community page on Toad World.

Idea Pond

In the Toad for Oracle - Idea Pond, you can submit your ideas to improve Toad and vote for other ideas. The Toad team takes your suggestions seriously, and you may even hear back from one of our developers on the topic. We encourage all Toad users—from new to experienced—to let us know how we can improve Toad.

To submit an idea

  1. Log in to the Toad World forums at
  2. Select the Categories tab.
  3. In the Toad for Oracle category, click Idea Pond or go directly to Toad for Oracle - Idea Pond.
  4. Click New Topic to post your idea.

To vote on an idea

  • To vote for an idea, open the idea by selecting it from the list. Then click the Vote button.

Toad World Forums

From within the Toad application, select Help | Toad World | Forums to go to the Toad for Oracle Forum.

Tips for using the forums on Toad World

  • Once you are within a product forum, click the tabs to filter and organize threads.
  • You can watch a product forum or follow only your own questions/discussions.
  • To modify your notification, email, and profile preferences, log in to the Toad World forums at Forums (all Toad products). Then click your avatar (upper-right corner) and select the Preferences icon.
    • On the Preferences tab, select Categories to select which forums (categories) to watch.
    • On the Preferences tab, select Emails to specify options for email content and activity.
    • On the Preferences tab, select Notifications to specify notification behavior related to your posts.


Toad Web-based Training

Make the most out of your investment by expanding your knowledge of the Toad product line. Web-based training is a perfect accompaniment to your product license. This training walks you through major product features and explains how to perform frequent tasks. You will also see how to utilize time-saving automation functionality.

These self-paced, web-based training courses are available for free. You will receive a certificate of completion for each course once you pass the accompanying test.

To go to the training

  1. You can find Toad for Oracle Web-based training at the Quest Support Portal at:
  2. Select Toad for Oracle from the product list or go to:


Retrieve License Keys

Applies to legacy Toad for Oracle with offline license keys.

Quest provides a web site to retrieve lost license keys. You must provide the email address associated with the license and your license number.

To retrieve your license key

  1. Select Help | Licensing.
  2. Click Retrieve License.
  3. Complete the fields on the web site


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