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Toad for Oracle 17.0 - Getting Started Guide

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Use an External Editor

Note: If you have not saved the contents of the Toad Editor to a file, Toad prompts for a filename before launching the external editor.

Schema Browser Basics

In Toad you use the Schema Browser to work with database objects.


About the Schema Browser

The Schema Browser allows you to view, add, and modify database objects. It also displays detailed information about a selected object. For example, the detailed information for a table includes its subpartitions, columns, indexes, data, grants, and so on.

To open the Schema Browser

Click on the Toolbar or select Database | Schema Browser.


  • Some Schema Browser features are only available with the DB Admin Module, which is included in several Toad Editions or can be purchased separately.
  • You can set the Schema Browser to open automatically when a new connection is made. Select View | Toad Options | Windows and select the Auto Open checkbox of the Schema Browser row.

Schema Browser Panes

The Schema Browser is divided into two panes to help you review objects and their details:

Pane Description
List of objects (left-hand side)

The left-hand side of the Schema Browser is also known as the "LHS" (Left-Hand Side) and is referred to as such throughout the documentation.

The LHS provides a list of objects that you can view. In general, you select a schema and an object type, and the list refreshes to display the relevant objects. You can filter the objects and save your filters for future use.

See About Schema Browser Filters in the online help for more information.

The list can display additional information about the objects, such as the tablespace and number of rows. To view additional information, right-click a column in the left-hand side and select additional columns to display. (This feature is unavailable with the tree view display.)

Tip: In drop-down mode, you can hide leading characters of object names in the left-hand side. Right click a column and select Hide leading characters of name. The display resets when you change the schema or connection.

Object details (right-hand side)

The right-hand side of the Schema Browser is also known as the "RHS" (Right-Hand Side) and is referred to as such throughout the documentation.

The RHS initially displays the same list of objects as the left-hand side. When you select an object on the left-hand side, Toad displays its details in the right-hand side. This format makes it easy for you to compare details between objects of the same type.

From the Schema Browser you can drop most objects, enable/disable applicable objects, and disable triggers for a table or for an entire schema. You can recompile procedures, functions, packages, triggers, and views, or they can be extracted from the database and loaded into the clipboard or Editor. If Team Coding is enabled, you can view status and collection information.


  • To reset the right-hand side to mirror the list of objects on the left-hand side, click in the toolbar or select multiple objects on the left-hand side.
  • Many of the panes within the Schema Browser have icons to identify the objects. View Schema Browser Icon LegendView Schema Browser Icon Legend
  • Many of the objects and panes have enhanced right-click menus. Right-click an object or its details to see what options are available.

Customize the Schema Browser

You can customize how the Schema Browser displays to better suit the way you work. The most common customization is to change how object types display in the left-hand side. Select the Left-Hand Side Display Style

Toad also provides dozens of options to further customize the display and behavior of the Schema Browser. Select View | Toad Options | Schema Browser to view the options, then press F1 to view information about them.


View Icon Legend

Many of the panes within the Schema Browser have icons to identify the objects. Toad includes an Icon Legend that you can use to easily decipher these images.

To view the icon legend

  • Click on the Schema Browser toolbar.


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