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KACE Systems Management Appliance - Training

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KACE Systems Management Appliances Training
Dell KACE Systems Management Appliances are well known as the easiest-to-use, most comprehensive and affordable alternative to computer management software available today, saving you time and your organization money. Like any technology, expert knowledge and training early-on can help you to take full advantage of its benefits.
  • KACE Systems Management Appliance (SMA) Implementation Course 4: Agent Managed Device Security Web-based Training

    This is the fourth course in a series of implementation courses designed to instruct students on the essentials of deploying, configuring and administrating the KACE Systems Management Appliance (SMA) in their environment. The KACE SMA was formerly known as the K1000.
    This course will focus on the device security features available in the KACE SMA. This includes Patching and Dell Updates.
    After completing the entire series of courses, you will have received detailed instructions on KACE Systems Management Appliance implementation and administration skills, as well as some best practices.
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  • KACE K1000 Management Appliance JumpStart Program

    The JumpStart training program ensures that your team understands how to operate and maintain your KACE Appliance properly for your environment. You and your team will get custom-tailored, hands-on training to immediately get the maximum value from your investment with the least amount of time commitment from your team. Each session is delivered by KACE, or a KACE Certified Partner. Each JumpStart session includes multiple topics, for 2 hours, delivered remotely with you in the driver’s seat- enabling you to tackle advanced systems management activities quickly and easily. Each JumpStart...
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  • KACE Backyard Boot Kamp

    KACE Backyard Boot Kamp is a hands-on, instructor-led training class. Courses are offered in convenient locations throughout the U.S. The Backyard Boot Kamp provides you with expert tips and tricks and a deep dive into the KACE Appliances.Backyard Boot Kamp, KACE Systems Management & Deployment - 4 days (Basics)The KACE Systems Management Appliance (K1000) portion of the Boot Kamp Basics course includes topics such as device inventory, software management, application control, patch management, user management, scripting, service desk, and much more.The KACE Systems...
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    Prerequisites: View course prerequisites

    Duration: 4 days

    Register Online $1995 per student
  • KACE Kontinuing Education

    KACE Kontinuing Education (KKE) is a series of FREE on-going educational sessions. Pre-recorded sessions are released periodically and cover a variety of topics.  Live “Open Forum” sessions are scheduled monthly and allow you to ask questions of KACE knowledge experts.Click on the schedule drop-down below to view  upcoming session topics and registration dates. 
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    Prerequisites: View course prerequisites

    Duration: Up to 1 hr

    Register Online Complimentary