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Stat 6.1 - User Guide

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Posting Time to Tasks

Stat provides two useful ways for you to update and keep track of how much time users spend on particular tasks:

Daily Time Entries List

In the Edit Activity window, Daily Time Entries show the hours posted to a task by a single user on a given date. With the proper security, you can post hours worked by you or another user.

If the Auto-update % complete check box is selected, a task is considered complete when the actual hours posted meets or exceeds the estimated hours. If the check box is not selected, you have to specify this number yourself.

If you select the Complete check box, the Pct. Complete field is automatically set to 100%. Either way, when the percentage complete reaches 100%, Stat automatically updates the Complete Date field with the current date and time.

This field displays the date when hours were posted. When you add time, the date defaults to today’s date. You can override the default by clicking in the field and typing a different date.

This field displays the user who worked the posted hours. Even though the task might be assigned to a specific user, another user with appropriate rights can also work on the task. When you add time, you are the user by default. You can override the default by clicking the arrow button and selecting another user.

This field displays the number of hours spent working on the task. Minutes are expressed in terms of percentages. For example, if a task took 2 hours and 45 minutes, you would enter the value 2.75. The number of hours posted is automatically added to the value displayed in the Actual Hrs. field.

Working with Daily Time Entries

From a Project window, select the Task/Activity tab. Then double-click on a task, or select it and click Edit... button. This is discussed further in Chapter 6, “Stat Projects.”
Select Tools | Time Entry. Then double-click the task in the Time Entry window, which displays a list of all your open tasks with time entry fields for each day in the current week.
To add a new time entry, click Add Time to post new time to the task.
To view time entries on different tasks, click Next>> and <<Previous, accordingly.

Weekly Time Entries

The Weekly Time Entry feature lets you post time entries to your own tasks on a week-to-week basis.

Select Tools | Time Entry.
If you want to post time entries for an earlier week, click Select Week.... Then in the Select Week End Date dialog box, click the Browse button (...) and select the week you want from the calendar. Click OK to close the dialog box.
Hide tasks with no hours – Check this box to hide from view tasks with no hours posted
Auto-Update% Complete – Check this box if you want Stat automatically to update the % field for each task based on the total actual hours
Click Apply.
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