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Stat 6.1 - User Guide

Introduction to Stat Connecting to Stat Change/Service Requests Stat Consoles Tasks and Time Entries Stat Projects Search Engines Reports and Graphs Personal Rules Object Tools and Wizards Change Management for PeopleSoft
Object Management (PeopleSoft) Object Archives (PeopleSoft) Object Migrations (PeopleSoft)
Change Management for Oracle Applications
Object Management (Oracle Applications) Patch Management Object Archives (Oracle Applications) Object Migrations (Oracle Applications)
Change Management for Generic Applications
Object Management (Generic Applications) Object Archives (Generic Applications) Object Migrations (Generic Applications)
Appendix: Troubleshooting Chart Appendix: Migration Options Appendix: User-Specific Parameters Appendix: Supported PeopleSoft Proprietary Objects Appendix: Stat Reports

Priority (Required)

Priorities indicate the urgency of the request as determined by the user (as opposed to the customer, which is documented in the Cust Prio field). When your system administrator defines priorities, a turnaround time is associated with the priority. The turnaround time determines the due date of the CSR. A priority of Urgent might have a turnaround time of 24 hours, which sets the due date to 24 hours after the open date. However, since some organizations may define turnaround time in business days only, 24 hours can mean the following Monday if the CSR was opened on a Friday.

Workflow (Dependent on CSR Type)

Workflows are sets of rules that regulate the sequence and conditions by which CSRs can change from one status to another. Your system administrator defines workflows based on a combination of service domain and CSR type. When you select a CSR type, this field automatically displays the default workflow defined for that type (if any). You can select a different workflow if more than one has been defined. However, if no workflows have been defined for the selected CSR type, this field is grayed out.

When you save a CSR in which a workflow has been assigned (as shown in the Workflow field), the function specific Workflow tab appears. For more information, see CSR Workflows .

Due (Auto)

When you make a selection in the Priority field, Stat automatically populates this field with the appropriate date and time.

Queue (Required)

A queue is a specific group of Stat users with similar skill sets or responsibilities available to work on a particular CSR. A user who is not a member of the assigned queue cannot be assigned to the CSR. Your system administrator defines queues and their members. Queues might include Development, Training Staff, Management, and Support Services.

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