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SQL Navigator for Oracle 7.4 - User Guide

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Team Coding

View | Preferences > Team Coding


Option Description

Disable Team Coding Detection on Connection

Selected Team Coding is disabled for the connection. The Oracle connection will run faster.
Not selected Queries are run against the Oracle connection to detect the Oracle server team coding settings. This is the default behavior.

Disable Login Prompt on Connection

When selected, the team coding third-party provider login prompt will not appear on connection.

Show in DB Navigator

Select to add Team Coding functions to the DB Navigator right-click menu.

Selecting this may have a performance impact.

Include Schema in DDL

Select to include the schema name in the DDL of an object when it is extracted to a file.

Team Coding Files Encoding

Select the encoding of files that Team Coding uses to save the DDL of database objects. Default: UTF-8 No BOM.

Keyboard Shortcuts

View | Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts
Action Keyboard Shortcut

Select next item


Toggle: Selected / Not Selected


Open drop down boxes

ALT+Down Arrow key

Close drop down boxes

ALT+Up Arrow key

Expand subgroup

+ on number pad

Close expanded subgroup

– on number pad

Decrement values in numeric spin controls

CTRL+Down Arrow

Increment values in numeric spin controls

CTRL+Up Arrow

About Us

Technical support resources

About Us > Technical support resources

Technical support is available to Quest customers with a valid maintenance contract and customers who have trial versions. You can access the Quest Support Portal at

The Support Portal provides self-help tools you can use to solve problems quickly and independently, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Support Portal enables you to:

  • Submit and manage a Service Request
  • View Knowledge Base articles
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  • Chat with support engineers online
  • View services to assist you with your product

Technical Support

When contacting Quest Support about SQL Navigator, please have the version and build number handy. You can obtain both from Help | About SQL Navigator. If your question is about an error message, write the message down and have it available for the technical support representative.

Whenever you have a question about SQL Navigator, click Help | Submit Feedback | Include a Support Bundle. The Support Bundle file contains a snapshot of your SQL Navigator installation. Send this file and your request for assistance to Quest (

If you find that information in the Help system or printed user guides is incorrect, unclear, or incomplete, please report the problem to Quest Support.

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