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SQL Navigator for Oracle 7.4 - User Guide

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General | Explain Plan

| Explain Plan

Explain Plan

Option Description
Explain Plan Table Owner User name of the owner of the default plan table.
Explain Plan Table Name of the default plan table.
Table Access Full warning Threshold The number of rows that must exist in a table before the icon in the execution plan is changed from green to red to draw your attention to the full table scan.

Abbreviate Join Text

Select to abbreviate the text that is displayed in the execution plan for table joins.

The abbreviation feature reduces the large amount of join text associated with a large query so that you can focus on the overall steps in the execution plan.

Explain Plan Color

The color of the individual items in the execution plan.

TIP: Click the ... button, then click the Color column in the row of an item to select a new color.

General | Code Assistant

| Code Assistant

Code Assistant

Option Description
Auto Start with Editors and Explain Plan Open Code Assistant automatically when an editor or the Explain Plan Tool is opened.
Standards Catalog Directory The directory path for the Standards Catalog.
Shared Catalog Directory The directory path for the Shared Catalog.

Displayed Pages

Option Description
Syntax Catalog Show the Syntax Catalog in the Code Assistant.
Web Catalog Show the Web Catalog in the Code Assistant.
Code Catalog Show the Code Catalog in the Code Assistant.
SQL Catalog Show the SQL Catalog in the Code Assistant.

PL / Vision Catalog

Option Description
PL / Vision Lite Show the PL / Vision Lite Catalog in the Code Assistant
PL / Vision Professional Show the PL / Vision Professional Catalog in the Code Assistant.

General | Printing

| Printing | Editors options are applicable to the Code Editor.


Option Description
Measurement Units The measurement unit for margin width and other print settings.

Header and footer

Enable/Disable headers and footers on printed output.

Note: Header and footer properties are specified separately (see below).

Font The font to be used for printing SQL Navigator output.


Option Description
Left Margin The width or height of the page margins using the Measurement Unit specified above.
Right Margin
Top Margin
Bottom Margin


Option Description

The page header properties.

Be sure to enable Header and Footer (above) if you want headers and footers to be printed.



Option Description

The page footer properties.

Be sure to enable Header and Footer (above) if you want headers and footers to be printed.

Page Number


Option Description
Syntax highlighting Applicable to output printed from an editing window; for example, the Code Editor.
Show line numbers

DB Navigator

Applicable to output printed from DB Navigator.

Option Description
Header Type the text you want to appear as header text in the printed output from DB Navigator.
Orientation If you select a printer orientation other than Default, your setting will override any setting made in the Print Setup dialog when you print.
Print Selection Print the selected item or the entire DB Navigator Tree.

General | Object Editors

| Object Editors

Object Editors

Option Description

Auto Recompile Dependents

Selected Automatically recompile dependent objects when an object is altered.
Not Selected Force a manual recompile of dependent objects based on your preference. This is the default.

Auto Recompile Invalid Only

Selected Automatically recompiles only the dependent objects that have a status of invalid.
Not Selected Force all dependent objects to recompile automatically when using the debugger feature.

Apply changes

This option specifies the conditions necessary for the Apply Changes toolbar button to be available. Select to have the button available

  • only when you have made changes to valid objects, or
  • when you have made changes to any objects (valid or invalid), or
  • available at all times.

Save on clone

Select to automatically save a cloned object without prompting.

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