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SQL Navigator for Oracle 7.4 - User Guide

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Check for Updates

Quick Overview > Check for Updates

Click Help | Check for Updates to check for the latest version of SQL Navigator available.

Is there a newer version to download from the web site?

Working With SQL Navigator

Oracle Sessions

Working With SQL Navigator > Oracle Sessions
Icon Menu Description

Session Menu | New Session

Connect to an Oracle database instance / Open a new Oracle session. Manage your database connections.

Open the Oracle Logon Dialog.

TIP: SQL Navigator saves your connection profiles in the Project Manager window for easy access.

Session Menu| Select

Switch between open Oracle Sessions.


  • You can set up multiple sessions with one or many database instances.
  • Each session-related window (code editor, object editor, and so on) remembers and automatically opens in the appropriate database session.

Send to Session

Inside the Code Editor, while editing SQL code, you can send the current Code Editor tab or a selected piece of code to another session. Highlight the code and click Send to New Session. For more information, see Code Editor SQL.

Task Manager

SQL Navigator executes long-running tasks in separate threads in the background. The Task Manager is a display of all active and complete tasks for the current session.

TIP: Manage sessions in the Session Browser.

Finding Objects

Working With SQL Navigator > Finding Objects

SQL Navigator gives you several convenient point-and-click options for quick access to database objects.

Icon Tool Description

DB Navigator

Explore the entire database structure as a tree with expandable nodes.

TIP: Highlight a DB Navigator node and press F11 to find objects in that node.

Find objects Dialog

Find objects by means of a search argument.

TIP: To show a dynamic list of all objects in a schema - Select the schema node in DB Navigator before you click Search | Find Objects.

Database Source Code Search

Search stored programs, triggers and views for a character string in the source code.

TIP: You can use this utility to perform a quick "where-used" impact analysis.

Locate In Tree

Show the location of the current database object (for example, the one you are editing) in the DB Navigator hierarchy. Expand all intermediate nodes in the DB Navigator tree and display the object’s detail view.

Find Recycle Bin Objects Dialog

Locate objects dropped in the recycle bin.

Requires Oracle 10g or 11g.

Project Manager

The Project Manager provides instant access to your frequently used database objects and connections. Projects are holding areas where you can store shortcuts to things that you frequently need to work with instead of searching for them in various lists and directories.

TIP: To find an object in DB Navigator from Project Manager: Right click on the object in Project Manager and select Locate in DB Navigator. This opens the DB Navigator window, expands tree nodes as necessary, and displays the details of the selected object.


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