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SQL Navigator for Oracle 7.4 - User Guide

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Generated Query

Modules, Windows And Dialogs > SQL Modeler > Tabs > Generated Query

This tab lists the automatically generated SQL statement.


  • Any changes made to the Model Area or Criteria Tab will automatically regenerate this SQL statement.
  • You cannot directly edit the SQL on the Generated Query tab.


Right-click over the query

Menu Description


Copy the query to the clipboard.

Save As

Save the query to a file.

View Query in Code Editor

Copy the query directly to the Code Editor.

Query Results

Modules, Windows And Dialogs > SQL Modeler > Tabs > Query Results

Show the results of executing the generated query.


  • Insert, Update, and Delete queries can only be executed in the Code Editor.
  • Making changes to the Tables or Columns, then clicking on the Query Results tab will prompt you whether or not to re-query the data.

SQL Optimizer

Modules, Windows And Dialogs > SQL Optimizer

SQL Optimizer supplements Oracle tuning skills for developers. The SQL Optimizer makes observations about a selected SQL statement and the underlying database environment, then recommends several options to improve performance. Users can then view the logic behind the advice, implement the recommendation, apply it to the database, and see the results. The SQL Optimizer module automatically produces all necessary SQL to effect the corresponding change.


  • SQL Optimizer can be used to analyze the execution of SQL scripts containing more than one statement.
  • SQL Optimizer is an external application. It is installed independently of SQL Navigator.
  • Example Scenario: in the Code Editor highlight the text of the SQL statement you want to investigate and click SQL Optimizer.
  • For more details, see the online help supplied with the SQL Optimizer product.

Task Manager

Modules, Windows And Dialogs > Task Manager

SQL Navigator executes long-running tasks in separate threads in the background. They lock only the current session. Background execution happens automatically, and means that all the application’s functionality remains available to the user while the task is running in a separate session.

The Task Manager is a display of all active and complete tasks for the current session.

The following background tasks can be managed through the Task Manager:

Background Tasks More Information
Batch commands on database objects, such as Drop, Compile, Truncate and Extract DDL Object Menu
Enable Constraint Editor
Execute PL/SQL code PL/SQL Execution Console
View Differences Difference Viewer
Full expansion of a node in DB Navigator DB Navigator
Source Code Search Database Source Code Search
Find Objects Find and Replace



  • Right click on a task to Suspend, Resume, End or Delete.
  • Ending some tasks, such as compiling dependants in a complex table, may appear to "hang." This is due to SQL Navigator waiting for a response from the Oracle server. Even though there may be a delay, control will ultimately be returned to SQL Navigator.
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