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SQL Navigator for Oracle 7.4 - User Guide

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Extract DDL | Constraints

| Constraints


Option Description
Include ON DELETE SET NULL clause Includes the ON DELETE SET NULL clause in the DDL.

Extract DDL | Materialized Views/Snapshots

| Materialized Views/Snapshots

Materialized Views/Snapshots

Option Description
Include BUILD clause Choose the type of build clause used for snapshots.

Extract DDL | Users

| Users


Option Description
Include encrypted password Select to include the user's password (encrypted) in the extract ddl script.

Project Manager

View | Preferences > Project Manager
Option Description
Hide inactive project windows Only display the selected Project Manager window.
Hide Project Manager after connecting Once a connection has been made successfully, close the Project Manager window.
Remember Oracle Home/Client for each connection Displays the Home/Client column. Remembers the Oracle client for each connection and automatically connects the next time the item is opened (if the connection is closed).

Auto add items to Project Manager

Option Description

On Connect

Once a connection has been made successfully, add the connection to the Project Manager.

Direct connections are not added to the Project Manager.

On Create/Open object Once an object has been created or opened it is added to the Project Manager Window.
On Create/Open file Once a file has been created or opened it is added to the Project Manager window.
On Browse/Edit Data If the user browses data in a table, then the table is added to the Project Manager Window.
On Describe object If the user chooses to describe an object, then the object is added to the Project Manager Window.
On Execute object If the user executes a procedure or function, then that object is added to the Project Manager Window.
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