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QoreStor 6.1.0 - Command Line Reference Guide

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A schedule is the means by which you set aside specific daily time periods for performing disk space reclamation or replication operations. Disk reclamation operations recover unused disk space from QoreStor containers in which files were deleted; replication operations are the process by which the key data is saved only once from multiple devices to minimize excessive or redundant storage of the same data.

This set of QoreStor CLI commands allow you to perform the following tasks on a system:

  • Display existing scheduled Replication and Cleaner (disk space recovery) operations
  • Create new schedules for Replication and Cleaner operations
  • Delete existing scheduled Replication and Cleaner operations

Schedule Command Usage

This topic introduces the schedule command usage:

  • schedule --show [--cleaner] [--replication] [--name]
  • schedule --add --day <Day of the week (Sunday|Monday...)> [options]
  • schedule --delete --day <Day of the week (Sunday|Monday...)> [options]
  • schedule --help

NOTE: If you specify a command without supplying the expected value or option, you will be prompted to provide the correct value or option.

schedule --show [--cleaner]


Displays any existing Cleaner schedule.


schedule --show [--cleaner][--replication][--cloudreplication][--name <name>]


--cleaner            Displays the cleaner schedule.
--replication        Displays all configured replication schedule(s).
--cloudreplication   Displays all configured cloud replication schedule(s).
--name               Display replication/cloud replication schedule of a specific container.


Cleaner Schedule:
			Start   Stop
Sunday 		05:00   06:00
Monday 		05:00   06:00
Tuesday 		05:00   06:00
Wednesday 		05:00   06:00
Thursday 		05:00   06:00
Friday 		05:00   06:00
Saturday 		05:00   06:00

schedule --add --day <day of the week> [--cleaner] [--replication] [--start_time <hh:mm>] [-- stop_time <hh:mm>] [--name <name>]


Creates a new Cleaner or Replication schedule for a QoreStor instance.

NOTE: Without any Cleaner schedule set, the QoreStor Cleaner process automatically starts within two minutes after it detects that no data ingest operation or other system operation activity is present. So, if your QoreStor runs intermittent or inconsistent ingest or readback, or replication operations, there is no need to set a Cleaner schedule (it will automatically run during periods of low or non-activity). However, if your system runs regular and consistent ingest or readback you should create a Cleaner schedule that runs only during a known period of low or non-activity (for example, on a day or time period sufficient to complete this process). If your system does not meet either of these cases, you can still manually run the Cleaner. For more information, see maintenance --filesystem [--reclaim_space].


schedule --add --day <Day of the week (Sunday|Monday...)>
	[--start_time <HH:MM>]
	[--stop_time <HH:MM>]
	[--name <name>]


--day                Day of the week to add.
--cleaner            Set up a cleaner schedule.
--replication        Set up a replication schedule.
--cloudreplication   Set up a cloud replication schedule.
--start_time         Schedule start time in HH:MM format, 00:00 - 23:59 are valid values. To disable or continue from previous day, use -:- for start time.
--stop_time          Schedule stop time in HH:MM format, 00:01 - 24:00 are valid values. To continue to next day, use -:- for stop time.
--name               Replication source Container Name.

NOTE: Set a corresponding stop time for every start time in each Cleaner (or Replication) schedule you create. The following example shows setting up a Cleaner schedule for the remainder of the week (Monday through Saturday).

NOTE: Do not select 00:00 for a start time or stop time endpoint for midnight when setting Cleaner or Replication schedules (instead, use either the 23:55 or 00:05 value).


Successfully updated Cleaner schedule.

NOTE: To create a Replication schedule (use the QoreStor CLI --replication command), and the same process shown here to schedule the start and stop times for a Replication schedule. This lets you schedule start and stop times for each day in the week in which you want the Replication process to run.

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