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QoreStor 6.1.0 - Command Line Reference Guide

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Understanding the QoreStor CLI

The QoreStor command line interface (CLI) provides the most efficient method for managing the status, data capacity, storage savings, and throughput of data containers. While some QoreStor functions can be managed through the QoreStor GUI, the CLI provides full access to all QoreStor features and functions.

Accessing the QoreStor CLI commands

This guide assumes that your QoreStor system has been deployed in the proper network location and is accessible to your workstation.

Accessing the CLI commands

Accessing the CLI commands

To access the command line interface for QoreStor:

  1. Using the terminal emulation application of your choice, connect to your QoreStor server.
  2. At the system prompt, enter the username for an account with sufficient priveledges. By default this is the qsadmin account:
    • Type qsadmin
    • Press <Enter>
  3. At the password prompt, enter the password for the qsadmin account (the default is St0r@ge!):
    • Type St0r@ge!
    • Press <Enter>
  4. Enter the desired command at the prompt. To view the available QoreStor CLI commands, type help.

QoreStor CLI commands overview

The following command groups are available in the QoreStor CLI.

For more information on each command group, run the following command:

<command name> --help show
Table 5: QoreStor CLI Commands Overview
Command Group Description


View system events and configure email notifications, contact information, and daily reports.


Configure Active Directory (AD) authentication.


Configure NFS | CIFS | OST | RDS | NDMP| ISCSI access to a container.


Configure a file system to share over NFS | CIFS | OST | RDS | NDMP | ISCSI.


Manage and view iscsi connection types for VTL containers.


Manage and view ndmp connection types for VTL containers.


Repair the data and state of the system.


Configure OST for Veritas (formerly Symantec) backup applications.

qs_help Display the QoreStor help command listing.


Configure Rapid Data Access (RDA) for the NetVault application.


Manage replication between systems.


Configure and manage seeding import or export.


Manage replication and cleaner schedules in the system.


View statistics for system components.

storage_group Manage and view the storage groups on a QoreStor


Manage and view the system configuration.


Enable or disable service and root accounts on the node.


Manage and view VTL container types.

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