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On Demand License Management Current - User Guide

Working with Licenses Overview of On Demand Licenses Prerequisites for Licenses Licenses summary Licenses cost Viewing licenses Viewing product usage for different Microsoft products Viewing groups, changing license assignment, and removing licenses Viewing users, assigning and reclaiming licenses Configuration Documentation roadmap Technical Support

Licenses cost

When you click Licenses | Dashboard in the left navigation panel, On Demand Licenses provides access to a summary of license usage and an overview of cost information The Summary dashboard displays by default.

To see specific cost data, click Cost on the menu bar at the top of the dashboard. The Licenses Cost page focuses in on your license usage and costs.

If you want to update the license costs to more accurately reflect your our own cost data, click CUSTOMIZE RATES. The Configuration page is displayed. For more information, see Customizing rates and excluding licenses .

Using the Tenants filter

Using the Tenants filter, you can see and set rates for your individual tenants.

Total Cost

Displays the total cost of all paid licenses and includes the number of unassigned licenses.

Cost by license type

There are numerous Microsoft license types. To see a list of licenses in the tenant, click Licenses | Licenses in the left navigation panel.

For more information, see the Microsoft Next Generation Volume Licensing page.

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