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On Demand License Management Current - User Guide

Working with License Management Overview of On Demand License Management Prerequisites for License Management License Management summary License Management cost Viewing licenses Viewing product usage for different Microsoft products Viewing groups, changing license assignment, and removing licenses Viewing users, assigning and reclaiming licenses Configuration Documentation roadmap Technical Support

Needs your attention

The Needs your attention tile provides a summary of cautions and status messages regarding your Microsoft 365 licenses. When you click VIEW, you can see the specific issues and recommendations for each category.

After you click VIEW to see the Cost Optimization page, you can click the vertical ellipsis menu in the Actions column for the row that describes disabled accounts and select either View disabled accounts, Assign Licenses, or Reclaim Licenses.

Paid license distribution

The Licenses by Type shows the distribution of the license types listed.
The Licenses by Cost is an estimate of the total cost for licenses purchased per month. The data is based on Microsoft default rates or customized rates if specified.

For more information on the data included, see Viewing the summary dashboard.

Product Usage

The Product Usage tile shows the usage of the selected products for the last 30 days, showing active products, inactive products, and disabled licenses. Use the Selected Products filter to limit the bar chart to show only the products you want.

You can drill down to see product usage for the products that you have selected by clicking View Usage. To see licenses that are not being used, click View Inactive Licenses.

License availability

For more information on the data included, see Viewing the summary dashboard.


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