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On Demand License Management Current - User Guide

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Prerequisite for Self Service License Reporting access

Sometimes, when you are granting consent for Self Service License Reporting, you might see an error that indicates that the app requires access to a service that your organization has not subscribed to or enabled. This error occurs if the Microsoft M365 License Manager API, required to gather self-service policy data, is not enabled in the tenant by default. You can resolve the error by enabling the M365 License Manager API in the tenant.

Install the Azure PowerShell Az module if it is not already installed.

After you complete these steps, you can complete the Grant Consent for Self Service License Reporting without errors.

For more information on admin consent, see the “Tenant management” section in the On Demand Global Settings User Guide.

Selecting a tenant on the Licenses dashboard

You can view the license information for one or more tenants on the Licenses page. Located in the top right of the License Reporting dashboard, the Tenants filter determines what data is displayed on the dashboard. You can choose to display all tenants, a subset, or a single tenant.


The Settings | Subscriptions page contains the details of your current On Demand subscriptions. Click Licenses to get information on product subscription details and pricing as well as links to Quest sales support.

For more information, click the help icon to see the “Settings | Subscriptions” section in the On Demand Global Settings User Guide.

About Access Control

When you add a user to an organization, you can also assign one or more On Demand roles. The role assignment determines what permission level a user has and ultimately, what tasks the user can perform. Assigning roles and setting user permissions is referred to as access control. To access Licenses you must have the role License Management Administrator.

For more information, see the “Adding Users to an organization” section in the On Demand Global Settings User Guide.

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