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On Demand License Management Current - User Guide

Working with License Management Overview of On Demand License Management Prerequisites for License Management License Management summary License Management cost Viewing licenses Viewing product usage for different Microsoft products Viewing groups, changing license assignment, and removing licenses Viewing users, assigning and reclaiming licenses Configuration Documentation roadmap Technical Support

License Management summary

When you click Dashboard under License Management in the left navigation panel, License Management provides access to a summary of license usage and an overview of cost information The Summary dashboard displays by default.

To see specific cost data, you can click Cost on the menu bar at the top of the dashboard. For more information, see License Management cost .

The Summary dashboard provides an overview of license usage and a Needs your attention summary of current issues and warnings. You can drill down to see recommendations for any detected issues. For more information, see Needs your attention .

The dashboard is available to all On Demand License Management users. A License Management subscription is not required.

Viewing the summary dashboard

On Demand License Management gathers licensing data from your tenant and attempts to match this data with published Microsoft 365 license information to show a user friendly display name, whether it is paid or free, and the applicable estimated retail cost. The overall quality of this data can depend on several factors, including your pricing agreement with Microsoft. In addition, it is important to consider the following aspects of the licensing data when viewing the dashboard.

The dashboard only displays paid licenses. License Management focuses on optimizing your tenant licensing costs. Therefore, licenses judged to be trial licenses are excluded. In some scenarios, the license Friendly Display Name, Cost, and whether it is classified as Free or Trial might be unknown or incorrect. For example,

License cost data

The initial license cost data presented on the Summary dashboard is based on Microsoft default rates. The Customize Rates feature can be used to specify the actual license costs being charged in your tenant, with a resulting increase in the accuracy of the cost data. See License Management cost.

Tenants filter

If your organization contains multiple tenants, the data displayed in the Summary dashboard depends on what tenants are currently selected. Use the Tenants filter located in the top right to determine which tenants are included.

The tiles and charts on the summary dashboard provide an overview of your licenses, license activity, and costs.

Estimated license cost

Estimated license loss

Available paid licenses

Inactive assigned licenses

Needs your attention

Paid license distribution

Product Usage

License availability

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