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Foglight 7.1.0 - Web Component Tutorial

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Removing a Data Object from a Storage Mechanism

An object using Site, User, or Session storage can be removed from those storage mechanisms by calling the remove() method on the object or calling the WCF/Common/Remove Data Object Web Component Framework function.

Saving Contained versus Referenced Properties

Note these points:

For more information, see Writable Data Object.

Setting up RSS Feeds

You can set up a syndication feed for Foglight views, using Really Simple Syndication (RSS) to show frequently updated content. For some Foglight views, such as setting up an RSS feed for alarms, this is an out-of-the-box feature.

In the following example, we create an out-of-the-box RSS feed for the Alarms page.

Under Dashboards, click Configuration > Definitions.
Set the Feeds purpose for the particular Alarms page.
Determine the dashboard name by viewing the dashboard definition in Configuration > Definitions. The dashboard name is the Reference Id property.

Theme and Module Resources

Your modules can contain image files, such as icons, logos, and background images, that can be used in views.

Views can reference images defined in the container module. Some of the referenced images never change, such as product logos. For more information, see Module-Specific Images.

For other types of views, such as localized versions of the same view, you need to create modified versions of the same image and display different versions at different times. For more information, see Theme-Specific Images in Module Definitions.

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