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Foglight 7.1.0 - Web Component Tutorial

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Marking a query as Deprecated allows existing views that use the query to continue to work, but the query is not available for use in any new view that is being created. Legacy views continue to work, but new views cannot use this query.

Relevant Roles and Allowed Roles

Relevant Roles and Allowed Roles are used in UI queries by the filtering mechanism. For more information, see Relevant Roles and Allowed Roles.

Object Type

Each query operates on a given type of data source, for example, the Monitoring data source. The Data Source Type must be selected before you start editing. You cannot edit the Data Source Type while you are editing the query, as changing the type also changes other settings.

Required Parameters

This section of the query definition is used to specify any parameters that are required by the query and supplied at run time by Query bindings that modify this query.

Key input box
List drop-down list
Data Type from the Select Type dialog box
You can select True, False, or Unknown from the List drop-down. These options indicate if the data in the parameter is a list, not a list, or might be a list. If the parameter is a list, it must be a list of objects of the selected Data Type.
Select the data type from the Select Type dialog box. This is the type of value that the required parameter can have. For example, it can be a data type from the Monitoring data source, such as Host, or a common type like String.

In the preceding example, the myKey node is the name of the list of objects of the data type Host. A query always returns a list of data objects of the given type. Even if there is only one data object to return, the query returns a list with one item.

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