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Foglight 7.1.0 - Web Component Tutorial

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Replacing Views

Since system views are predefined views that are shipped with a WCF-based application, they may be referred to by other views, which means that the IDs of these system views should not change. However, if you want to replace a system view with a new view that is based on a different component, you are not able to edit the view and change its component type. Instead, you create a new view and then replace the old view with a reference to the new view.

In order to do this, select the view to be replaced in the Definitions editor, then click the Remove button. Regardless of whether the view is removable (whether it has dependents or not), you have the option of replacing the view. If you choose to replace it, you then see a tree of views that includes only the views that have context inputs that are compatible with the required context inputs of the view to be replaced. Once the replace is confirmed, the view that was replaced no longer appear in the Definitions editor. Any references to it are automatically be converted to refer to the selected replacement view.

Testing a View

You can test a view to ensure that it is configured properly.

Definitions Pane Settings Tabs

When you add a new view and begin to edit it, or when editing an existing view, the Definitions pane displays a series of tabs. These tabs enable you to choose the pages that let you configure the view definition properties. Each view is defined by a group of settings and each of these groupings has its own tab in a definition. These are the tabs in edit mode:

Figure 20. View tabs

The type of View Component that you are creating determines which View Definition tabs display. See the Web Component Framework in the online help for Foglight for the complete list of properties for each view.

Configuring Properties in the Definitions Pane

Views Tab (displays for container views only)
Flow Tab (some views may implement flows indirectly)
Layout Tab (displays for some types of container views only)
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