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Foglight 7.1.0 - Web Component Tutorial

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The Icons choice allows you to configure how graphics render in the Web Component Framework. In a view definition, an icon can be referenced directly by using an Icon binding and then setting an Icon Renderer to specify the desired size. In the Types tab, an icon can be mapped to a data type. In a view definition, selecting data of that type and specifying an Icon Renderer causes the data to display as the mapped icon.

Icons collect differently-sized (but similar in appearance) images under a single name. Images can be specified for the following sizes:


Associations provide a mechanism to organize references into entities. A typical association contains a label (a renderable artifact), one or more tags for organization, and a reference to an entity, frequently a view. Different types of associations include properties that are specific to their purpose.

The following types of associations are available:

Tab Associations

Tabs supply views to the Tab Manager component. The reference contained by a tab association is a view, displayed by the Tab Manager component when the tab is selected.

Tab Associations are configured and managed like view components, except that they have no flow (and therefore no generated context). The purposes of a tab association include:

A tab association contains the following elements:

Question Associations

Questions are used by the question viewer and mini-viewer components. The label-type property is Question which contains the text of the question to display, and the Answer View contains the answer to that question.

Questions belong to a domain (see Domain Associations), that broadly filters the set of all questions to those appropriate for a particular viewer instance with a corresponding Domain property set. Each question has one or more categories, that control grouping and are used for navigation. In addition, a question can have an associated Report View, used if the question is added to a report.

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