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Foglight 7.1.0 - Web Component Tutorial

Introducing the Web Component Framework The Web Component Framework Configuring Views and Context Queries Functions Bindings Additional Components

Customizing the UI Quickly

See the Foglight® User Guide for information about the Create dashboard functionality.

Finding Pages: Bookmarks

See the Foglight® User Guide for information on adding Bookmarks.

Additional Documentation

For more information about the Web Component Framework see the following documentation:

Web Component Tutorial: This document walks you through examples of how to configure some simple views.
Web Component Reference: Online help pages. These pages contain a complete list of properties for each item, object, or component in the framework.
Foglight® User Guide: This document describes the default dashboards and how to create dashboards and reports from existing views. For more information about individual components, see the Component Reference Guide in the online help.
Command-Line Reference Guide: This document contains information on scripting Foglight using DOS command or UNIX® shell scripts.

Configuring Views and Context

For a user interface component to be useful it must display relevant information. In most cases this information is not static, but is supplied by agents collecting data on an ongoing basis. Thus, there are two major requirements for a user interface framework—a rich set of visual components and a data binding mechanism. Queries are useful for retrieving data from a data source, but context is the usual mechanism for sharing the data among related views. This chapter discusses the tools for building visual components and describes how context is used to pass data among the various views that have a need for that data.

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