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Foglight 7.1.0 - Web Component Tutorial

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Editing a Query

Follow this procedure to edit a query. Depending on your permissions, you may not be able to edit a System query or a query created by another user.

Select Edit from the Definitions pane.

Deleting a Query

Follow this procedure to delete a query. You can only delete your own User queries. You cannot delete a System query or a query created by another user.

Select Delete from the Definitions pane.

Legacy Custom Query

Use Functions instead of Legacy Custom Queries.

In past releases, a Legacy Custom Query was used to return data that may or may not be bound to a specific data source.

Correctly formed Groovy scripts automatically appear as Legacy Custom Queries.

Web Component Framework examples:

Foglight examples:


Function definitions let you return data of a declared output type given an expected input. They allow users to easily generate possible return values in a way that can be easier than using queries.

The four types of functions are JavaTM, Map, Script, and Script with Map. They are created in the Functions tab of the Definitions editor. Similar to other type of definitions, Functions can be added, edited, removed, or copied. They also support the common entity attributes. For more information, see Definitions and Entities.

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