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Foglight 7.1.0 - Web Component Tutorial

Introducing the Web Component Framework The Web Component Framework Configuring Views and Context Queries Functions Bindings Additional Components

Localized Type Name

This returns the localized name of the type of the property. For example, if the item taken from the context is a Host, and the path is set to cpuUsage, then Localized Property Name returns Metric. If the path is set to name, then Localized Type Name returns String.

Localized Type Names

Similar to Localized Property Names, this returns a list containing the localized name of the type of the property for each element of a list.

Additional Components

A number of helper components round out the Web Component Framework. Renderers are available to provide special formatting. The Task mechanism allows you to launch actions from your view. You can file arbitrary Icons and use them in your views. Units are available for use with metrics. Theme and Module Resources let you specify different appearances, such as the Application theme or the Monitoring theme. The Printing mechanism allows you to print reports.


Developers can upload files such as image files to each module's public directory, by using the Files tab in the Definition Editor. Files can be uploaded to the root directory (under public), the images directory, or other subdirectories.

Select the URL, then click Edit > Copy into the command line of your web browser.
Select OK to confirm the deletion of the file.
Click the Add toolbar icon. The following dialog box appears.
Alternatively, click the Browse button to select the file using a standard file open dialog box.
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