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Enterprise Reporter 3.2.1 - Installation and Deployment Guide

Product Overview Installation Considerations for Enterprise Reporter Installing and Configuring Enterprise Reporter Managing Your Enterprise Reporter Deployment Troubleshooting Issues with Enterprise Reporter Appendix: Database Content Wizard Appendix: Encryption Key Manager Appendix: Log Viewer

Running Custom Enterprise Reporter Scripts

The script task allows you to run custom scripts to modify the data in an Enterprise Reporter SQL Server® database. The target database will be modified based on the content of the custom script.

To run a custom script on the Enterprise Reporter database, complete the following steps:

Click Script.
Click Define target database information.
Click Run.
Click Run.

Appendix: Encryption Key Manager

Enterprise Reporter makes use of FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption to secure user credentials and includes an encryption key management tool. The Enterprise Reporter Encryption Key Manager can be started from the Windows Start menu. This tool allows you to perform the following tasks related to the Enterprise Reporter encryption key.

Starting the Encryption Key Manager

Generating a Key File

The Encryption Key Manager can be used to generate a new encryption key. If Enterprise Reporter contains credentials with passwords, selecting this option will force the decryption and re-encryption of all Enterprise Reporter user credentials. If the decryption of the existing passwords fails, the procedure is unsuccessful, errors are returned, and no key file is generated. If the decryption and re-encryption is successful, the procedure continues and the new encryption key is written to the secure Windows Credential Manager (not to be confused with the Enterprise Reporter Credential Manager). The user is prompted to export the new key to a backup file.

Click the Generate Key button.
Click OK to generate a new key file.
Click OK to continue to export the key file to a backup file.
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