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Collaboration Services 3.9.1 - Deployment Guide

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Prepare for use checklist

The Export Key Wizard, which allows for exporting the branch public key, automatically appears when you first open the user interface in a branch.
The Configure Branches Wizard, which allows for registering branches in the collaboration structure, automatically appears when you first open the user interface in the HQ forest.


Re-installing Collaboration Services

Install Collaboration Services following the steps in the Collaboration Services Deployment Guide.
On the Collaboration Services console, select Properties | Synchronization | Automation | Deletion, configure a resolution rule to delete conflicted objects in the container where the original stub objects were moved.



This section describes the common error messages that can appear during Collaboration Services setup and the actions to take to resolve the issue:

Using Exchange System Manager, grant the Exchange View Only Administrator role to the setup account.
Using Active Directory Users and Computers, grant the setup account Full Control permission over the selected container.
Using Active Directory Users and Computers, grant the setup account Full Control permission over the selected container. Select the This object and all child objects option when granting the permission.

Service account minimum rights and permissions

The account used as the service account should also be used to install and configure Collaboration Services.

If your organization’s security policies do not allow full administrative permissions to be set, you can set the minimum permissions listed in the table to successfully install and configure Collaboration Services.

As a best practice, all of the following actions should be performed by one account and therefore, this account needs the rights for each action. For example, you could use an Administrative account to install Collaboration Services and a different account as the service account for Collaboration Services. In this case, the service account would need the rights for the "Run the services required by the Collaboration Services application" and "Minimum access in the domains" action to ensure the account has the necessary permissions on the local computer and the domain.

Install and Setup

Run the Collaboration

Services setup and

deploy the software.

This also includes

installing services on the


Be sure to log on to the server with this account before launching the setup.

When installing the service, you can use the setup account as a service account. You can use another account if required.

Run the services required by Collaboration Services application

Start the synchronization services on the computer where Collaboration Services installed.

After Collaboration

Services is installed, the

service account used to run the Collaboration Server services should also be given the rights for General Usage in the domains.


You can change it to another account if required.

Minimum access in the domains

Read and update Active Directory data

If objects that are subject to conflict resolution through deletion or matching can be scattered all over the forest, be sure to give this account sufficient privileges so it can update or delete objects located in different domains and containers and change the membership of different groups throughout the forest.



The Modify Permission right can be set through ADSI Edit.

1. Locate the store in the configuration container, right-click and select Properties.

2. Select the Security tab, and click the Advanced tab.

3. Select the account used for Collaboration Services, and click Edit. (If the account does not appear in the list click the Add button.)

4. Grant the Modify Permission right and save your changes.


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