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Collaboration Services 3.9.1 - Deployment Guide

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Step 1: Notify branch forest administrators

Notify all branch forest administrators about the upcoming upgrade. To ensure a successful upgrade, have each Branch administrator:

Step 2: Distribute upgrades

Ensure that each Branch has the same build version Collaboration Services that the HQ is being upgraded to.

Step 3: Upgrade the HQ and branches

Have each site administrator run the setup of the new version of Collaboration Services. Once the setup completes, the Collaboration Service computer may need to be re-started to complete upgrade. Once the site comes back online it will try to communicate with the HQ. Once communication has been re-established, the upgrade is complete.

The manual upgrade should be done using the Microsoft Windows Installer Tool, msiexec.exe, as this will allow the upgrade process to produce a log which can be used for troubleshooting if the upgrade does not work correctly. In the location of the new version of Collaboration Service (by default the msi file is located in Collaboration Service folder), run the msiexec.exe with these options.

Preparing for an automatic upgrade

The Upgrade page of the Collaboration Services Properties dialog box allows each forest administrator to specify whether the Collaboration Services server should be restarted automatically after the upgrade is complete.

Select the Enable automatic upgrade check box.
To automatically restart the computer on completion of the upgrade, select the Send notification and restart computer after upgrade check box and specify a delay before the restart.
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