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Collaboration Services 3.9.1 - Deployment Guide

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Performing the automatic upgrade

Collaboration Services is upgraded from the HQ to the Branches, with the HQ being the last system to be upgraded. When the HQ is updated, the Setup process creates an update package on the HQ, which is then transferred to the Branches. If all of the Branches have been set to automatically update then no further actions are required to perform the update.

To upgrade, the HQ forest administrator should perform the following steps:

Step 1: Notify branch forest administrators

Notify all branch forest administrators about the upcoming upgrade and have the Branch administrator perform the following task.

Select whether the Collaboration Services server should be restarted automatically after the upgrade and delay the restart for the time interval you specify. Selecting the Send notification and restart computer after upgrade check box will cause a notification to be sent to the email address specified as the notification recipient when the server restarts.

Step 2: Distribute upgrades

The Branches page of the Collaboration Services Properties dialog box lists all of the registered branches. Ensure that every branch in the "Registered branch forests" list has the Send Upgrades check box selected.

For more information about this option, see the Synchronization Partners section of the Quest Collaboration Services User Guide.

Step 3: Upgrade the HQ forest

Run the setup of the new version of Collaboration Services on the HQ forest. After the setup is completed, the HQ forest automatically distributes the new version to all branch forests for which the Send Upgrades option is enabled.

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