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Collaboration Services 3.9.1 - Deployment Guide

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Exchange 2010 only

There is a known issue in Exchange 2010 which breaks its Availability Service's ability to read public folder data. This is fixed in SP1. If you are using free/busy synchronization with an Exchange 2010 server, you will require the SP1 update.

Exchange 2013, 2016 and 2019

In Exchange 2013, 2016, and 2019, free/busy synchronization is not available or supported.

Pre-installation planning

This section provides general recommendations for deploying Collaboration Services. These recommendations are based on the experience of deploying Collaboration Services at Quest Software. Quest has two separate Active Directory forests with an Exchange organization in each. Before Collaboration Services was implemented, there was no automated mechanism to maintain collaboration between the two Exchange organizations. Administrators had to manually create contacts for corresponding users and groups in the other forest per user requests. Moreover, end users in separate forests could not see their colleagues’ free/busy information and schedule meetings with each other. With Collaboration Service deployed, users in different forests collaborate seamlessly.

This section divides the process of deploying Collaboration Services into the following phases, and provides recommendations to help you complete each phase successfully:

Phase I: Planning

Thorough planning is essential for a successful deployment. If Exchange and Active Directory are managed by separate teams, it is important that members of both teams from each forest participate in planning.

This section explains the directory information you need to gather and analyze before you start to prepare the environment and deploy Collaboration Services. The planning phase consists of the following general steps:

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